Daniel Boulud's Guide To Paris

There's no better tour guide than the acclaimed French chef

Is there anything Daniel Boulud can't do? The French chef and father of three has seven renowned NYC restaurants, including his two-Michelin-starred flagship, Daniel, plus six more around the world.

On a recent trip to his homeland, during which he personally served a few lucky Air France passengers dishes like braised lamb stew with spring root vegetables and lobster with curried coconut sauce, the lighthearted chef proved he's also mastered the mile-high challenge: making airplane food taste good.

So we tap this ultimate arbiter of good taste to share his top spots to eat and drink in Paris. Because if you're going to visit one of the best food cities in the world, you may as well have the best tour guide, too.

Here are Boulud's favorite Paris go-tos.

Epicure by Chef Eric Frechon

Boulud describes head chef Eric Frechon, who was awarded the honorary Meilleur Ouvrier de France title, as "a very creative chef who presents a cuisine rooted in French tradition." From langoustines to veal sweetbreads, you won't be disappointed when it comes to the menu.

Guy Savoy

A notable French restaurant that should be at the top of any foodie's bucket list. Of chef Guy Savoy, Boulud explains, "We are longtime friends from having grown up in the same region; Guy is the quintessential Parisian chef."

③ Pavillon Ledoyen of Chef Yannick Alléno

Boulud's posse runs deep in Paris and includes three-Michelin-starred chef Yannick Alléno, who Boulud calls "another dear friend and such a masterful professional. He always strives for excellence, and one might even call him an 'alchemist' in the kitchen."

Le Grand Restaurant of Chef Jean-François Piège

Looking to stay ahead of the crowd? Look no further than chef Jean-François Piège, who runs Le Grand Restaurant and who Boulud calls "one of the new generation of superstars in Paris.

La Scène of Chef Stéphanie Le Quellec

If you haven't overdosed on caviar just yet, check out this spot from a chef Boulud praises as "a very talented female chef who is inspired by her roots in Brittany and shares that through her cuisine."

Chez L'Ami Jean of Chef Stéphane Jégo

No trip to Paris is complete without a meal at one of the city's quintessential bistros—and this is the one to hit according to Boulud. "This is the bistro you want when you go to Paris—the warmth, the cooking, the scene. And there is this communal bowl of riz au lait they pass around for dessert, which is wonderful."

A Noste of Chef Julien Duboué

From Paris to New York and back again. For Boulud, chef Julien Duboué's A Noste holds a special place in his heart: "Julien is a young chef who previously worked at Daniel. It's wonderful to see that he has stayed true to his Basque roots, honoring that cuisine."

La Régalade of Chef Bruno Doucet

For a lunch that's lighter on the wallet and lighter in fare, look no further than La Régalade. Boulud calls it "a bistro that has stood the test of time and continues to give pleasure to the community by staying current and providing wonderful value."

Clown Bar for a Wine Bar

Not just popular in Paris, Clown Bar has had people buzzing about it in the States since the opening. Boulud describes the hot spot as "a new, almost Brooklyn-type place; a fun vibe and neighborhood with fine cooking."

Chez Michel of Chef Thierry Breton

Haven't had your fill of foie gras just yet? Pay a visit to Chez Michel, which is yet "another classic French bistro by a master chef," Boulud says.

Le Comptoir / L'Avant Comptoir of Chef Yves Camdeborde

Before you head for the Charles de Gaulle Airport, you must pay a visit to Le Comptoir (your stomach will thank you). Take it from Boulud himself, "Yves is the leader of the bistronomie movement in Paris, and L'Avant Comptoir is his super-casual, almost tapas-like concept."