Olive Garden's Buy One, Take One Deal Returns

That means piles of pasta followed by more FREE pasta

Olive Garden is continuing its storied campaign of delivering families across America massive portions of Italian cooking classics. For a limited time, the all-you-can-eat chain is bringing back its Buy One, Take One offer, inviting diners to fill up at their local Olive Garden, and then take another meal home with them. (We'll wait here while you grab your car keys.)

The offer starts at $12.99, allowing diners to select from a limited menu that features classics like ziti, spaghetti with meat sauce and fettuccine Alfredo. Visitors will also be able to enjoy endless soup, salad and breadsticks, as is the Olive Garden way. Once the first meal concludes, whichever entrées were chosen for takeaway are already chilled and prepackaged, ready for easy transport. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

But if a second meal hasn't got you rushing out the door just yet, get this: Olive Garden also announced today its latest dessert creation, a cookie butter cake. We can feel you caving from here.