Mario Batali's New TV Show

Expect a celebrity cameo here and there

We know Mario Batali for cohosting The Chew, checking up on one of his many restaurants and making us cry from something other than chopping onions, but it looks like our favorite Italian chef has something else hiding among his collection of orange Crocs: a brand-new TV show.

Over the weekend, Batali shared an Instagram selfie with actress Maria Bello and Zero Point Zero producer Krista Ruane in Northport, Michigan, Eater reports. (Zero Point Zero is the production company behind some of your favorite Netflix binge-friendly shows including The Mind of a Chef and Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.) Another not-so-behind-the-scenes post revealed that a full-fledged film crew was on hand as well.

Though it unfortunately doesn't look like Batali will be donning his white chef's coat for this series like the golden days of food televisionEater also notes that Batali has a well-known love for Michigan. So there's a strong possibility that the show could feature the cuisine of the Great Lakes region.  

Oddly enough, Batali also tagged Neil Patrick Harris in the social media post, despite the actor's absence from the photo. Fingers crossed we'll soon be seeing Barney Stinson and Molto Mario together on-screen.