Mario Batali Pays Touching Tribute to Jim Gaffigan and His Wife During Her Cancer Battle

This one will pull at your heartstrings
Mario Batali's Touching Dinner for Jim Gaffigan's Sick Wife
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Comedian Jim Gaffigan took to Instagram last night with a touching thank-you to New York's Italian maestro, Mario Batali, after the beloved chef provided numerous "gourmet meals" for the comedian and his wife, Jeannie, after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor in April 2017.

It would seem that Batali's kindness knows no limits. Gaffigan details how the chef insisted he and his wife—who is now cancer free—dine at Del Posto for their 14th wedding anniversary. When the pair arrived, Batali had prepared a custom menu, especially for them.

"Of course the whole experience was insanely amazing but the generosity of kindness and compassion by Mario was most moving," Gaffigan writes.


I realize we live in strange, maybe even mean times. Like you, I read the news daily shaking my head with horror how humans treat other humans. But there are some amazing people out there. When @jeanniegaffigan was diagnosed with a brain tumor so many friends, family and strangers stepped up to offer meals, help, encouragement and prayers. It really blew me away. Thank you so much for everything. One friend was @mariobatali who with his wife Suzi sent over numerous elaborate gourmet meals to feed me, the kids and our helpers. Last week I emailed Mario asking him to hep me find a place for our 14th wedding anniversary. I was trying to find a nice place for us to celebrate but given Jeannie can not comfortably eat solids I was hoping to find a place that did amazing soups (yes,in July.) I knew Mario was on vacation but I hoped he could point me in the right direction. Mario responded insisting that we come to @delposto and that he would make sure we were well taken care of. When we arrived we saw that Mario had created a custom tasting menu of various gourmet soups with accompanied wines or cocktails. Of course the whole experience was insanely amazing but the generosity of kindness and compassion by Mario was most moving. Thanks Mario

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It's a celebration much deserved and a big step up for the comedian, who built his fame around Hot Pockets.


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