Gordon Ramsay's Trick For Scrambled Eggs

The famed chef has a tip for your breakfast staple that you don't want to miss

Scrambled eggs may be the breakfast staple to end all breakfast staples—probably one of the first dishes you learned how to make and still the first one you lean on when you're making a quick meal at home for yourself. Whether you're in the slow-scramble camp or the one that insists on adding milk, you likely have your go-to method down pat.

But every once in awhile, a chef comes along with a new trick that catches our eye and makes us reconsider our own techniques. Enter Gordon Ramsay, who revealed his secret on this week's episode of MasterChef.

Have you been whisking your eggs? Yeah, don't. And do you leave them on the burner the entire time? Well, stop doing that, too.

As the show's flabbergasted contestants watched along, Ramsay whipped up a beautiful pile of creamy scrambled eggs, giving advice as he went. It's the most graceful thing you'll see this week, and it may just change how you make your eggs forever.