Cake Kit Kats From Japan

You'll have to head overseas to try them though

Those who've had the privilege of trying just one of the many varieties of Japanese Kit Kats know that candy connoisseurs across the Pacific have it good. From exotic bars flavored with red bean and green tea to over-the-top editions wrapped in gold leaf, the Kit Kats you'll find in Japan put our cash-register varieties to shame.

Need more proof? Just look to Nestlé's newest creation: the Gateau Mignon Kit Kat, stuffed with chocolate cake, released in honor of its brand-new Chocolatory store in Tokyo (yes, Japan even has dedicated, high-end retail outlets for the candy bar). Cloaked in a seductive wrapper and carefully placed in a specialty box, this chocolate bar is more akin to a luxury Valentine's Day gift than Halloween throwaway, and was over a year in the making, Mashable reports.

The only snag? The Gateau Mignon ($13 for a box of three) is available solely at the Chocolatory Kit Kat boutique in Tokyo's Ginza district.