Poke Bowls Are The Most Popular Delivery Food

Yes, even more popular than avocado toast

We're as guilty here as anyone else of ordering chicken tenders at 2 a.m. on a Saturday or Chinese takeout during those weekdays when the last thing we want to do is cook grilled chicken and brown rice. And while each of the food delivery apps on our smartphones has its own list of guilty pleasure favorites bookmarked, we wonder what exactly the rest of the country is getting delivered to their front doorsteps.

Grubhub, the online food-ordering company, found out and released the report of 2017's most popular orders. The number one item the country is getting brought straight to their impatient hands? Poke bowls, which took the crown as the trendiest menu item, saw a 365 percent increase in orders over the past six months.

Other trending delivery items include (oddly specific) pretzel bites, which received a 238 percent increase in the amount of orders, overshadowing even the revered avocado toast—which received only a 93 percent increase. And despite being a beloved Thanksgiving and Christmas side dish, roast Brussels sprouts saw a 301 percent spike in its amount of orders over the past few summer months.