Where To Buy Coffee Soda

It's the morning jolt you never knew you needed

Coffee is everywhere: It's in our candy; it's in our beers; it's even in our kombucha. And now, it's in our soda, too. Keepers, a Brooklyn-based soda maker, has managed to merge the buzz of coffee—which we need to survive—with a citrus soft drink. The result is a refreshing fusion of summer essentials: iced coffee and cold soda. Taking the best of these two worlds, Keepers avoids falling into the sickly sweet soda trap and is pretty much made for the beach cooler.  

Founded by designers Thi Lam and Brent Lagerman, Keepers Coffee Soda began as an experiment with a SodaStream in the pair's office. Eventually, mixing and carbonating random ingredients turned out a combination of flavors they enjoyed: citrus and coffee.

The duo ran with it, ditching the SodaStream and bringing on a dedicated coffee roaster. The team also joined Foodworks, a Brooklyn-based incubator dedicated to developing the delicious ideas of food entrepreneurs, to help grow the venture.  

Keepers is available in select stores, if you can find it. Otherwise, you can preorder a case of 12 on the website for $48. They should ship on August 15, just in time to finish off the summer.