The Microplane Is Ina Garten's Favorite Tool

Seriously, it's useful for everything

If you've binge-watched a Saturday-morning marathon of Barefoot Contessa, chances are you're probably gawking at Ina Garten's magnificent kitchen in the Hamptons just as much as you are learning how to roast the perfect chicken.

We don't blame you: From the double Viking range to her never-ending hallway of Le Creuset Dutch ovens, her culinary sanctuary has it all. But despite having all the tools, appliances and gadgets one could ever want in a kitchen, there's a surprisingly simple piece of gear the Contessa deems her favorite: a Microplane.

In an interview with Bon Appétit, Garten professes her love for the tool—which can often be had for less than $10. "You know what I love is a rasp (a microplane) because I love the zest of citrus fruit. And actually now I do garlic on the rasp because it grates it so finely," she tells the magazine.

Don't forget, it's also perfect for that hunk of Parmesan (which you definitely shouldn't buy pre-grated).