Michelin-Star Instant Ramen

Purchase a cup for yourself for about $3

Ramen fanatics can now enjoy a bowl of noodles from a Michelin-starred restaurant in the comfort of their own homes. According to RocketNews24, noodle company Nissin Foods has partnered with Nakiryu in Japan to create an instant version of its award-winning ramen.

As you may recall, Nakiryu earned a Michelin star last year for its dan dan noodles and is one of only two ramen shops in Tokyo to receive the honorable rating.

A reporter from RocketNews24 had the chance to try the cup of noodles, saying that "it was magnificent." Those living in Japan can purchase the dan dan noodles at most local grocery and convenience stores for 200 yen ($1.80) each. Everyone else can stock up through this site for 360 yen ($3.22), according to FoodBeast.

Photo: Nissin