Rosé Jelly From Drunk Jelly

It's peanut butter rosé jelly time

Take your inferior jam, preserves and marmalade and throw them in the trash: It's time to think pink with Drunk Jelly's rosé spread. Wine's made with grapes, peanut butter's one true pairing is made with grapes . . . so, really, it's only natural.

The California-based company also offers other versions, like Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir and Merlot, which you can buy on its website or Etsy shop along with the rosé jelly. Or just go for a flight and play favorites with a custom set of three jars.

If it's anything like our favorite pink Champagne jelly—which is a shoo-in for these floral macarons—we fully expect to be eating it straight from the spoon. But if you have better self-control, try it on toast or with meats and cheeses. Just do as the founders do, who say, "We pair ours with everything."

Keep in mind that it's nonalcoholic, meaning the only drunk you'll be is drunk in love with this sweet, pink condiment.