Where To Eat In NYC, Atlanta & More

Yes, soft-serve counts as a meal

Do you eat out enough that you joke it could be your full-time career? Here at TT, we're lucky enough to add that bullet point to our résumés and skill sets.

Whether we're attacking a set of pancakes that is the architectural paradigm all other stacks aspire to be or pulling the "I'm not crying, you're crying" line in response to painfully spicy chicken wings, here are the best things we ate around the country this week.

Did you have an unforgettable meal recently? Let us know in the comments.

Blueberry Pancakes

Mamie's, Roxbury, CT

I almost never order pancakes when I'm out, because I'm very picky about how I like them. With one exception: Whenever I'm near Roxbury, Connecticut, I wait in line for brunch at Mamie's, a charming restaurant that also happens to turn out world-class apple beignets, magic bars and crème brûlée French toast. If you're in the area and aren't a savory-only kind of bruncher, order a short stack—and whatever else you have room for. —Alison Spiegel, Features Editor

Georgia Peach Pizza

No. 246, Decatur, GA

I had the privilege of judging the Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival this past weekend in Atlanta, where I was asked to taste 50 dishes and 20 cocktails, all featuring tomatoes as the star. The night before this gavage, I got to check out event host chef Ford Fry's spot, No. 246. Not only was I blown away by the oversize bowls of cacio e pepe and spaghetti and meatballs (better than what some of the most respected NYC Italian institutions serve), but the peach pizza was, for lack of a better word, dank. Topped with ripe Georgia peaches, blue cheese, prosciutto and balsamic, it truly highlights peak Georgia produce. —Jake Cohen, Food Editor

Chongqing Chicken Wings

Mission Chinese Food, New York, NY

Before you keep humble-bragging to the world about how much you enjoy spicy food, take a visit to Danny Bowien's palace dedicated to all things fiery. Often buried under a hill of chile peppers, the food is so explosively hot that you can't tell if those tears are from joy or pain (hint: It's probably both). The only way to quell the heat is to just grab another one of Bowien's addictive chicken wings. God help you when you get to the last one.

—Andrew Bui, Editorial Assistant

Double-Decker Broccoli Tacos

No. 7 Restaurant, Brooklyn, NY

I won't lie to you and pretend that I'm not already well acquainted with the incredible broccoli-filled tacos at my favorite local haunt, No. 7. I do, however, still want to sing their praises, having tasted them once again this past weekend, with a side of equally stellar sesame and dill Brussels sprouts. I was reminded of the glory of the crispy outer taco shell, the flavorful shaved broccoli filling, the schmear or black bean hummus, and the addition of feta and fried shallots. It's truly unique and delicious every time, and it is hands down the best way to eat your greens. Bailey Bennett, Social Media Editor

Tangerine-Vanilla Soft-Serve

OddFellows Ice Cream Co., New York, NY

Every cone of soft-serve is a spiral stairway to heaven, and this tangerine-vanilla swirl from OddFellows was everything and more on a 90-degree day. I was definitely the only one who cared that my shirt matched the monkey decor of the carnival pop-up, but it was still a big moment. —Abby Reisner, Head of Content Strategy

Rib Eye, Eggs & Potatoes

Sunday in Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY

On the way to a music festival in Long Island City this past weekend, my friend and I swung by Sunday in Brooklyn for brunch. From the matcha almond milk latte to the perfectly cooked rib eye steak, everything was outstanding. Delia Mooney, Editorial Assistant

Buttered Pipe Pasta & Clams

Roister, Chicago, IL

Here's the thing: If you go to Roister and sit at the hearth counter (which you definitely should), you will at some point catch a glimpse of the team plating the whole fried chicken and chamomile, and be powerless not to order it. But the other dish that blew my mind that I might not have ordered on the first pass is the clam pasta with green chile ragout and assorted limes. Chewy bites of pasta are tossed with fresh clams in a sauce so bright and clean and savory and refreshing you'll be thinking about it all the way to O'Hare. —Jane Frye, Managing Editor