Where To Eat In NYC, Chicago And More

From pizza at Emmy Squared in Brooklyn to brown-butter lobster rolls at Eventide Oyster Co. in Portland, Maine

Here at TT, we're always looking to stick our forks into the latest and greatest dishes, no matter where we go. Hey, it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. Thanks to the holiday weekend, many of us left the Big Apple behind in search of the best bites other cities have to offer. Read on to find out where we ended up.

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Yogurt Bar with White Chocolate, Cherries and Coriander

Fish & Game, Hudson, NY

My husband and I ditched the city for the long weekend and headed up to Hudson, where we stopped at Zak Pelaccio's Fish & Game for (a second) dinner. Go for the foie topped with fresh favas and strawberries, and stay for the desserts made by Atera alum Alex Puglisi, which are not to be missed. My fave for these hot July nights is the ice cream bar, made with yogurt, covered in white chocolate and served with cherries. —Jane Frye, Managing Editor

Hanger Steak with Carrots, Garlic Scapes and Schug

Miss Ada, Brooklyn, NY

My boyfriend and I decided to venture out of Manhattan to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday with a feast of the food of our people. Israeli-born chef Tomer Blechman serves a full menu of modern Mediterranean dishes at Miss Ada, from a stellar baba ghanoush to the crispiest falafel you've ever had. But don't fill up too much on the incredible meze, because the hanger steak is a true highlight. I recommend making someone get the chicken, too, and split both (a pro move). Jake Cohen, Food Editor

Basil and Corn Pot Stickers

Public Kitchen, Manhattan, NY

I've never met a Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant I didn't love, so I was excited to try his latest spot, Public Kitchen, which is tucked away inside the trendy Public Hotel in Manhattan's Lower East Side. The menu is filled with the types of seasonal, vegetable-forward dishes that Vongerichten is known for, but the standout of my meal was the basil and corn pot stickers, a sweet-and-savory summer dish that you won't find anywhere else. It may be an appetizer, but it truly stole the show and is definitely a must-order—you may even want to get a second round. —Nisha Chittal, Director of Audience Development

Detroit-Style Pizza with Pepperoni, Pickled Chiles and Honey

Emmy Squared, Brooklyn, NY

Look, when it comes to pizza, there's a time and a place for both authentic Neapolitan pies and questionable dollar slices. But ever since I've discovered that the city's best pizza isn't an eponymous New York slice found at Joe's on Carmine, but instead a crunchy Detroit-style corner from Emmy Squared, I've become exclusively monogamous in my preferred type of pie. Send me all your hate mail—I'll just be making the trek over to Brooklyn, where hefty pepperoni slices lovingly cradle their own grease while nestled atop an airy, crispy crust. —Andrew Bui, Editorial Assistant

Smoked Ricotta Tortelli

Via Carota, New York, NY

Attempting to snag a coveted table at Via Carota on a Saturday night is not the greatest idea I've ever had, but the not-too-bad wait was abated with delicious Negronis in the bar. We devoured an array of terrific starters (fig, goat cheese and honey "bruschetta," and grilled artichokes) followed by the house-made smoked ricotta tortelli. For the filling, chef Jody Williams uses "small-batch" ricotta made daily in Brooklyn, which is just one more reason this dish is the stuff pasta dreams are made of. —Rachel Vanni, Photo Editor

Brown-Butter Lobster Roll

Eventide Oyster Co., Portland, ME

There are not too many places that offer gluten-free lobster rolls, so when I found out Eventide had one on its menu, I knew I had to get it on my trip to Portland. The brown butter takes it to a whole new level. For those thirsty for a before-dinner drink, head on over to recently opened Blyth & Burrows for one of its adventurous signature cocktails. —Delia Mooney, Editorial Assistant

Classic Deep Dish

Pequod's Pizza, Chicago, IL

I feel like this one barely needs an explanation, as we're talking about an inches-deep pie made primarily out of sauce and cheese, but needless to say, I can't stop thinking about it. My Chicago friends assured me that Pequod's offers some of the best deep dish in all of Beantown, and they did not disappoint. The crispy, caramelized, almost-burnt edges of this pie really sent things over the edge (in the best way possible): I'm seriously considering booking another flight to Chicago in the near future to experience this beauty again. —Bailey Bennett, Social Media Editor

The New Middle East Dessert

Nur, New York, NY

I have two golden rules for dining: I'll try anything twice, and I love a good meringue, the latter of which I proved in full force with a recent meal at Nur. We filled up on the bread—as you're supposed to do, when fluffy kubaneh is involved—but that didn't stop me from taking down the entire hockey puck-sized sumac meringue (and the blood orange sorbet hiding inside it). —Abby Reisner, Head of Content Strategy