The Best Food Shows On Amazon Prime Video

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Those of you with a trusty Amazon Prime account (read: all of us) probably know it mainly as a way to get your impatient hands on packages in two days or less. But the next best perk is its streaming video service, Prime Video; after you've made it through a few seasons of guilt-inducing reality TV, spend the rest of the weekend watching these eight cooking shows and food documentaries that give Netflix a run for its subscription.

 America's Test Kitchen

For those still mourning the loss of Good Eats—and those who have rewatched all 14 seasons—there's America's Test Kitchen. It reminds us of everything we love about Alton Brown, with a set of exhaustively tested recipes, each step backed up by countless experiments. This series is an at-home culinary school for serious cooks.

 Julia & Jacques Cooking at Home

You might fuzzily remember watching this legendary duo back on PBS (probably on your parents' old-fashioned tube), tackling everything from chicken potpie to sole meunière. Luckily, you can still rewatch this gold standard of educational cooking shows, complete with Jacques Pépin's insanely impressive knife skills and Julia Child's always-boisterous personality.


Labeling a condiment as iconic may seem excessive, but after watching the story behind David Tran's legendary invention, you'll quickly understand why this hot sauce has such a dedicated cult following around the country.

 Making It Modern

Remember those retro (and somewhat-revolting) recipes that defined the 70s? Join host Bethany Herwegh as she boldly recreates and tastes all manner of congealed Jell-O salads and hollandaise-smothered bananas before then coming up with her own modern-day takes.

⑤ Jamie Oliver's Food Escapes

Now that you've exhausted every episode of No Reservations on Netflix, you can look forward to watching the Naked Chef travel to other wanderlust locations around the world, where he takes part in local customs and learns how to cook regional food that'll have you looking up flight deals.

⑥ Eat the World with Emeril Lagasse

Watch the OG celebrity chef tag along with other famous food figures as they explore the world in this James Beard Award-nominated series. From dining on soup dumplings in Shanghai with Mario Batali to joining José Andrés on a culinary tour of Spain, Lagasse shares his enthusiasm and love of food, this time without even needing to say the word bam.

⑦ Three Stars

Ever wonder what it takes to run a Michelin-starred restaurant? This documentary goes behind the scenes with acclaimed chefs, including Jean-Georges Vongerichten and René Redzepi, as they share the sacrifices it takes to run some of the world's best restaurants.

⑧ Just Eat It

This isn't just another preachy film about food waste: The daring stars of Just Eat It take part in a six-month-long challenge, where they quit grocery shopping completely and survive on nothing but food that would otherwise be tossed in the trash. In between takes of dumpster diving, the documentary also explores how something as simple as expiry dates contributes to our country's food-insecurity issue.