This Genius Chipotle Hack Is Going Viral

Hell hath no fury like a fast-food worker scorned

We're no strangers to the fact that the hardworking men and women handing us our late-night McFlurrys and foil-wrapped burgers through drive-thru windows are a vastly underappreciated group. But one California father's recent to-go order became the plastic bendy straw that broke the fast-food worker's back. Well, all the ones on Twitter, at least. 

Last week, Josh Williams, a California father of three who lives 45 minutes from his nearest Chipotle, posted a Tweet that has since sent the Internet into a burrito-filled debate—one that hasn't divided us since the time we couldn't decide on the true colors of that infamous dress (it'll always be white and gold in our hearts).

To prevent his tacos from getting soggy on the journey home, Williams asked that all his ingredients be packaged separately into individual plastic containers, from grated cheese to the "you know this costs extra" guacamole.

Fast-food workers—and the everyday Joe who has too much time on his hands—immediately chimed in, either heralding Williams as a messiah or labeling him as the hellspawn for every fast-food worker in the country.

Though, despite the backlash, Williams, whose face might possibly be the new wanted poster in burrito chains nationwide, is admittedly being a good sport.

Moral of the story? You never know which of your dinners you post to social media will go viral. Oh, and be sure to treat those fast-food workers extra nicely.

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