How To Throw A Lobster Boil

Don't forget the plastic bibs

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Nothing says summer like a seafood boil in your backyard. It's the perfect opportunity to take the party outside, where you and your friends and family can feast without worrying about making a mess.

A seafood boil can vary based on the types of seafood and seasonings used: lobster or crab, cayenne or Old Bay—nothing is off-limits. To round out the meal, add hearty vegetables, like potatoes and corn, and different types of sausage, like chorizo and kielbasa, to the mix. And everything gets cooked in the same pot, meaning easy cleanup for you (keep in mind, though, each ingredient requires a different cooking time, so plan accordingly).

Whether this is your first time hosting or you're a seasoned pro, there are a few essentials you'll need. Since things are going to get messy, skip the fancy tablecloths and use newspaper or parchment paper to line your table instead.

Whether your idea of the perfect picnic is cooking in the wilderness or sipping a summery cocktail at a sidewalk café, we've got everything you need to spend your Summer in the Wild. Let the outdoor entertaining begin.

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