We Try The New Rosé Ice Cream

Your two essential summer foods, conveniently combined

If you were to peer into our fridge this summer, you'd be met by a wall of shimmering pink wine bottles (with the occasional box thrown in). Go next door to our freezer, and chances are we've replaced our supply of frozen veggies with cartons of ice cream. Combine these two lifebloods of our summer diets, and you'll get the newest flavor from Smitten Ice Cream in California: Sonoma Rosé.

According to a press release, the shop's newest flavor is made using Scribe Winery's Una Lou Rosé, a canned wine that publications like Vogue have lauded as one of the best boozy cans you can sip on this summer, with flavors of wild strawberry and grapefruit.

We were lucky enough to try a pint of the summer hybrid, and unlike the dull rum raisin of your parents' generation, you can actually taste (and somewhat feel) the fruit-forward rosé's pleasant flavor within the rich custard base. And while admittedly the combo of wine and dairy might not be for everyone, if you're a fan of boozy summer floats, then this flavor was made for you.

The limited-edition ice cream flavor will be on the dessert menu at Petit Marlowe, a new San Francisco-area restaurant, in addition to all of Smitten's California-area shops. (Smitten ships a good number of its flavors nationwide, but, unfortunately, Sonoma rosé isn't one of them.) If you're one of the lucky few living in the Golden State, all that's left to do is plop a generous scoop into your glass of poolside rosé before calling your summer set.