The Best Food Documentaries On Netflix

A feast for the couch potato

Not everyone can afford fancy restaurants, but, thankfully, you can tag along and feel like you're in the know about fine dining just by keeping up with the food-centric content on Netflix. Here are eight gems to watch.

① Ugly Delicious

David Chang, the brashly opinionated chef behind the Momofuku empire is now in front of the camera sharing untold stories about our favorite foods. Follow him around the world as he explores the complex culture of pizza purists and how fried chicken relates to racism.

② Cooked

Discover how cooking techniques like grilling, baking and brewing shaped humanity in this binge-worthy series. Acclaimed food writer Michael Pollan hosts the elements-themed episodes ("Fire," "Water," "Air" and "Earth"), which will make you never look at something as simple as bread in the same way again.

Chef's Table

Haven't binge-watched all three seasons of this Emmy-nominated series yet? The Netflix original is the ultimate in food porn, featuring renowned chefs (and, more recently, pastry wizards) like Francis Mallmann, Dominique Crenn and Christina Tosi cooking mouthwatering dishes and divulging secrets about their restaurants.

④ Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Directed by David Gelb—who oversaw several episodes of Chef's Table—this gorgeous film follows Jiro Ono, an 91-year-old sushi master and owner of Tokyo's Sukiyabashi Jiro. The 10-seat sushi bar, which has three Michelin stars, is located in a subway station.

⑤ Somm

You don't have to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy this film—but you do need to be one if you plan to be a master sommelier. This doc shadows four men working to achieve that very status, which few earthly souls ever attain.

⑥ I'll Have What Phil's Having

If Phil Rosenthal doesn't look familiar, it's because he's usually working behind the scenes. But this 2016 James Beard Award winner proves that the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond is just as entertaining on-screen as he travels the world to sample new foods.

⑦ Mind of a Chef

Anthony Bourdain has a few binge-worthy food shows; this James Beard Award and Emmy winner combines cooking with science, travel and history. Just know he's not actually the main focus; instead, he narrates the stories of rotating chefs, including David Chang, Sean Brock, Magnus Nilsson and Gabrielle Hamilton.

⑧ What the Health

This controversial, pro-vegan film went viral after telling viewers that almost everything you eat is bad for your health. Though experts have disputed the accuracy of the data, the documentary is still worth a viewing. If anything, it's a great substitute for a horror film that will leave you rocking back and forth on your sofa.

Rachel Cericola is a freelance writer who lives in the perfect spot in New England, convenient to both Boston and Providence. Follow her on Twitter at @rachelcericola.

This article was originally published on 6/16/2017 and updated by Shana Bethea on 5/16/2018.