Best My Oreo Creation Flavor Ideas

TT readers sent us their best Oreo flavor creations, and we were not disappointed

The Oreo, aka "milk's favorite cookie," has had many flavor iterations over the years (Swedish Fish anyone?). Despite the timeless excellence of Oreo's original chocolate cookie and vanilla frosting combination, it seems the company is always looking for the next big thing.

A few months ago, Oreo introduced the #MyOreoCreation Contest to encourage fans to suggest their own flavor combinations for a chance to win a whopping $500,000. While there's no word yet on which flavor won out, TT's readers have already stepped up to the challenge.

Thanks to the comments section on our #MyOreoCreation story, we've become privy to the imaginative brilliance of our audience. This collection of innovative and delicious flavor suggestions from our readers probably belongs in a museum, but we wanted to share our favorites here with you.

Though we can't guarantee any of these ideas will be receiving that half-million-dollar prize, they're all winners in our book.

Check out the reader suggestions below and share your own flavor creations in the comments.