Catch Your Own Fish At Zauo In NYC

Go fishing inside this new Japanese restaurant

People have always been fascinated with restaurants that allow them to cook their own food, like Korean BBQ, hot pots and fondue. Soon, they'll be able to catch it, too. Zauo, a restaurant coming to New York City, is giving guests the opportunity to fish for their own dinner.

This Japan-based restaurant chain will open a three-floor spot in Chelsea where patrons on the first two floors can purchase bait and toss a line into a tank stocked with about 10 types of fish, according to DNAinfo. Once their prey has been captured, diners hand their fish off to the staff who will prepare it to their liking, including grilled, deep-fried or turned into sushi.

According to the website, catching your own fish is cheaper than ordering one off the menu; however, pricing will vary based on the type of fish you catch and preparation, so choose wisely.

A launch date is still TBD UPDATE: The restaurant plans to open in February, 2018. We expect the opening to make quite the splash.

This article was originally posted on June 13 by Delia Mooney, and was updated by Abby Reisner on October 26, 2017.