DINE App Lets You Follow Chefs' And Friends' Favorite Restaurants

Follow your favorite chefs and food-loving friends with the latest app update from DINE

By now, anyone in the know is already familiar with DINE by Tasting Table™, the "single app that curates the best and most popular restaurants in the city." And today, the app is getting even better as our new follow feature comes to life.

Download the latest version of our iOS app now to get a firsthand look at other food lovers' dining activity—from friends and colleagues to famous chefs and industry experts—all here to share their impeccable taste in restaurants with you.

Best of all, once you create your DINE profile, you can share your own lists of favorite restaurants, spots to try, best brunches and whatever else your stomach desires.

DINE already saves you time by eliminating the need to scroll through multiple websites or countless individual apps to easily see what big-name critics think about each of the restaurants in our curated database. But what about the recs from your trusted inner foodie circle? Getting feedback from your non-bylined pals requires even more hours of group texting, Facebook posting and Internet exploring. The latest version of DINE for iOS changes all of that.

Ever wondered where Dominique Ansel likes to eat when he's not dreaming up the next viral pastry creation? Want to know which restaurants Top Chef alum Fabio Viviani looks forward to trying when he's not in the kitchen? From lifestyle guru Patrick Janelle (A Guy Named Patrick) to lover-of-all-things-brunch Jeremy Jacobowitz (Brunch Boys), we've recruited an entire squad of DINE Experts to help you discover your next favorite restaurant. (See below for the full list.)

And while you're at it, check out the other great new features we've rolled out recently:

• Tap the heart icon whenever you come across restaurants you like to easily build a list of your favorites and inform DINE about your tastes.

• Have out-of-town guests asking you where to eat or friends who constantly need guidance on where they should have their birthday dinner? Create as many custom shareable lists as you want, and the questions answer themselves.

• Add comments to each of the restaurants saved to your lists—a great way to keep notes for yourself (and your followers) about favorite dishes, best times to go and more. 

Download the latest version of DINE by Tasting Table for iOS now to check it out.

DINE Experts