Krispy Kreme Is Releasing A Coffee Spread

Trendy foods and ingredients come and go, but if there are two timeless items that will forever hold permanent spots in our pantries, they're coffee and nutella. Thankfully, Krispy Kreme seems to feel the same way, and in response, is coming out with an ultra-sweet hybrid guaranteed to give us a morning jolt before sending us spiraling into an afternoon sugar coma: coffee hazelnut spread.

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First seen on an Instagram post by Junkbanter, Krispy Kreme's new coffee spread is a rich, sweet schmear made with premium arabica coffee beans and hazelnuts and, for now, comes in a caramel macchiato flavor. (No word if there are more flavors to come based off your morning Starbucks order.)   

Now, before you get too carried away dreaming up ways to use this new condiment, according to the Instagram post, the spread won't be available until later this year when it hits Walmart's shelves. Can't wait that long for the chance to eat caffeine and carbs all in one bite? We've got you covered.