Kinder Eggs Are Coming To The U.S.

It's about damn time

Look, we're all guilty of smuggling foreign confections across international borders after our trips abroad, whether it's green tea Kit Kats, mint chocolate chip Aerobars or the grande dame of them all: Kinder Eggs. Thankfully, for you and your network of black-market candy dealers, the world's most coveted chocolate egg—next to Cadbury, of course—is officially coming to America.

Ferrero International, Kinder's parent company, announced this week that it will finally be bringing its legendary eggs to the states. For those unfamiliar with Kinder eggs—or as to why they've been banned in the U.S. since their creation in 1974—the original Kinder Surprise consists of a white-and-milk chocolate shell hiding a toy-filled plastic capsule. Choking concerns, however, meant the sugary treat was banned by the Food and Drug Administration and available only via under-the-table candy dealing.

Thankfully in 2001, Kinder introduced the Joy, which axes the chocolaty coating in favor of two plastic halves: one filled with two crispy wafer bites floating in a sea of milk-crème and cocoa, the other safely holding the toy. And while this version was originally geared toward warm-weather countries, it just so happens to get the green light from the FDA, Fortune reports.

Before you get too excited, these eggs won't be available here until 2018. Until then, we wait in anticipation.

Correction: The U.S. is not getting it's own brand-new version of the Kinder Egg, but a variation that has been produced since 2001.