Best Millennial Pink Restaurants

From the windows to the walls

There's a new trend taking restaurants by storm, and it has nothing to do with food. From the walls to the floor to the ceiling, your plate and even where you sit—millennial pink, the color of the moment, is taking over. The hue, which first made its debut on the fashion scene, has jumped the runway and is flooding the home decor and restaurant markets.

Some restaurants are using the color in subtle ways, like accent plates and cups, while others are going all in on the trend. It's every Instagrammer's dream, so grab your iPhone, snap a picture and join the cultural phenomenon.

Pietro Nolita (New York, New York)

This funky spot located in Lower Manhattan is hard to miss, since the outside is—you guessed it—pink. Inside this casual spot, which serves Italian fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner, there's an old-school diner vibe with pink stools and retro furniture. You'll even find a few subtle pops of color in the food, like pink peppercorns, grapefruit and watermelon cocktails.

Photo: Spencer Ostrander

Carthage Must Be Destroyed (Brooklyn, New York)

Tucked away in a warehouse in Brooklyn, this café serves breakfast all day on gorgeous pastel-pink plates. The espresso machine looks more like a decoration than an appliance, and espressos, Americanos and macchiatos are served in little pink cups. In addition to the stunning accents and decor, the food is pretty impressive, like the i-had-curry-for-breakfast, made with fresh fluke, vegetables, organic coconut milk and spices, then served on steamed organic basmati rice.

Photo: Carthage Must Be Destroyed via Facebook

Be Fast Pan y Pasteles (Ajalvir, Madrid, Spain)

This Spanish bakery, located just 30 minutes outside Madrid, is fulling embracing its softer side. The most eye-catching attractions (other than the desserts) are the 12,000 magenta sticks hanging from the ceiling and the bumblegum-pink floors. But the cakes, tarts, chocolates and other treats beautifully displayed in glass cases are worth the trip alone.

Photo: Pan y Pasteles via Facebook

Out East (New York, New York)

If walls could talk, Out East would be screaming "Look at me." A bright accent wall and a large pink booth that sits in front are top highlights of the restaurant—other than the food, of course. So take a seat, snap a picture and make all of your friends jealous on Instagram.

Photo: Sarah Boisjoli

Paris New York (Le Marais, Paris)

Comfort meets style in this Paris restaurant serving up burgers and fries inside a modern space. While the owners have several sites, this is the only one that's decked out in pink and blue. Neon lights hang in the bathroom, which doubles as the ultimate selfie station.

Photo: David Foessel

Pâtisserie Nanan (Wroclaw, Poland)

From the soft-pink decor to the magnificent macarons and signature éclairs, everything about this bakery is sophisticated and elegant. The marble tables and white chairs are accentuated by the velvet pink walls, and the treats, displayed in a central island counter, become part of the scenery. The bakery seats up to 14 guests and is the perfect spot for a midday break.

Photo: Pâtisserie Nanan via Facebook

Sketch (London, United Kingdom)

Sketch is a destination known for its magical restaurants and bars that make you feel as if you're in a movie. Each of the five rooms has a different theme, but when it comes to millennial pink, the Gallery stands out. The restaurant is decorated floor to ceiling, and the booths look like colorful marshmallows. It serves afternoon tea and dinner, and is open until 2 a.m.

Photo: Courtesy of Sketch London