What Are Avocado Lattes?

Meet the avolatte

It's hard being on the cutting edge of food trends, especially when it comes to seeing what else you can do with an avocado—besides using it in lieu of a burger bun and spiraling it into overly complex roses.

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Take some creative vision, a hit of genius and a fair bit of absurdity, and you'll end up with something like the avolatte, the latest hipster hybrid composed of a latte poured into—you guessed it—a hollowed-out avocado shell.

Introduced by Truman Cafe over in Melbourne, Australia (the country where your avocado toasts originally got their footing), the avolatte is, of course, drawing strong opinions as to why you'd pour a perfectly good shot of espresso into a compost scrap.

However, those Internet trolls (who took the time to voice their opinion on something trending halfway across the world) didn't take a moment to see that the avolatte is meant to be a joke. One of the café's baristas, Jaydin Nathan, tells an Australian news outlet that, yes, "[the avolatte] was actually just a joke. It's literally coffee in a piece of rubbish."