Food-Inspired Inflatable Pool Floats

We give you full permission to play with your food

Summer is all about kicking back and relaxing by the pool. And one way to step up your backyard party game is with inflatable food and drink floats. The choices go beyond just pizza and doughnuts; we're talking bacon, pineapple, tacos, avocados and even fried eggs.

Skip the boring raft and floating chair, because lounging on a giant pretzel is so much more fun.

① Giant Pretzel

Bring your friends, because this pretzel-shaped pool float has room for three.

② Pizza

Usually pizza and water don't go together; however, this cheesy float is the ultimate exception.

③ Doughnut

Park yourself in the center of this "fried" dough confection and float your way around the pool.

④ Margarita

Put on some Jimmy Buffett and transport yourself to Margaritaville on this classic cocktail float. 

⑤ Banana

You can catch serious sun on this bright-yellow banana. 

⑥ Watermelon

Pool time is even better with a giant inflatable watermelon float.

⑦ Pineapple

You'll feel like you're in a tropical oasis soaking up the rays on this perky pineapple.

⑧ Avocado

You bring the avocado; we'll bring the guac.

⑨ Ice Cream

Ice cream is essential during the summer months, and this life-size dessert is exactly what we need to help cool us off.

⑩ Taco

You are guaranteed to have fun when tacos are involved. 

⑪ Bacon

Bacon makes everything better, including the pool. 

⑫ Fried Eggs

If it's hot enough to fry an egg outside, then it's time to cool down in the pool on these giant fried eggs.

⑬ Popsicle

This colorful Popsicle pool float is keeping things chill all summer long.