Make Cloud Eggs, The Latest Breakfast Trend

Correction: *eggs-cited* about

While you've been waiting in line forering the latest Technicolor food craze, a refreshingly natural-hued breakfast has been gaining traction on Instagram. Fluffy cloud eggs are here to rescue you from the violently colored Frappuccinos and rose-shaped avocados clogging your social media feed.

While this scenic breakfast idea isn't exactly revolutionary, we're all too ready to latch onto a viral food that a) doesn't fall on the deep end of the color spectrum and b) won't cause dangerous spikes in our insulin.

To make cloud eggs, simply separate your eggs and whip the whites into a stiff meringue (feel free to add mix-ins including herbs, crispy bacon pieces and shredded cheese). Mound the pillowy peaks on a baking pan and plop the sunny yolks back into the middle before baking them in an oven. True, these guys might involve a little more effort than your acai berry smoothie, but based off the rays of sunshine below, your feed is guaranteed to look just a little brighter.