McDonald's Is Now Selling Curly Fries

Just when you thought its normal french fries were peak fast food

Twister: the game that ties you up in knots. Twister Fries: the latest blessing from McDonald's.

These golden potato ringlets are a seasonal menu item from McDonald's in Singapore, the Philippines and Japan. You can either be sad that this means they're available only for a limited time or take joy in the fact that there's a season for curly fries, as if they were a rare spring vegetable.

Consider this just one more excuse to plan a vacation to Southeast Asia, because more surface area means a far superior fried food, especially when McDonald's gold-standard fries are involved. And if you're still reeling from the recent announcement that McDonald's is phasing out Hi-C Orange from its menu, maybe this will ease the blow.

Besides, Gwyneth Paltrow's goop guide to fast food recently sanctioned us all to eat curly fries "with reckless abandon," so consider these fries your destiny.