An Interactive Grocery Store Is Coming To NYC

It makes us actually look forward to shopping

If you're like us and dread getting groceries (mostly due to the line at Trader Joe's), an interactive retail store is looking to get you excited again about making your weekly avocado run.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of its Fresh delivery service, online grocery retailer is collaborating with STORY in NYC to open—in our opinion—the world's most fun supermarket. You can, of course, stock up on basic essentials, but the big draws are those things—such as cherry-scented wallpaper—that make shopping for bananas less of a hassle and more of an experience. Other niceties include weekly cooking demos with chefs such as Mario Batali and high-tech kitchen gadgets that churn out hot cookies for you to sample. 

The interactive store is in Manhattan for just six weeks, but if you live outside of NYC (or have an irrational dislike of grocery shopping), you can still get your weekly fix of LaCroix all in the comfort of your coffee-stained pj's via, which delivers to around half the country. The best part? You don't even have to be home to receive your groceries, since compartmentalized packaging guarantees your pint of Chunky Monkey will still be frozen by the time you get home.