McDonald's Is Getting Rid Of Orange Hi-C

It's a sad day for Happy Meals everywhere

Sad news for children of the 90s: Hi-C Lavaburst, the bright-orange juice box favorite that sat alongside our pizza Lunchables, is now getting phased out at McDonald's restaurants around the country.

In an internal memo leaked on Reddit, it was revealed that starting today, the beloved Day-Glo refresher will be discontinued to make room for Sprite TropicBerry, a new exclusive drink created just for the golden-arched burger chain. Of course, fast-food restaurants have every right to decide what library of high-fructose corn syrup drinks get to grace their soda fountains, but that doesn't mean people are happy with the change:

If you're not ready to part with your beloved soft drink, you should head run to your local McDonald's, where hopefully they might still have some Hi-C Lavaburst left to go with your four-piece Happy Meal.