The Best Flaming Dessert Photos

If you can't take the heat, don't order dessert

Birthday cakes: no longer the only dessert that should (carefully) be making sparks fly. These days, pastry chefs are literally playing with fire, gracing our Instagram feeds with smoke-show desserts we can't stop staring at.

From classics like Baked Alaska and bananas Foster to mesmerizing chocolate orbs and new marshmallow-topped creations, these are the flambéed desserts catching fire and catching our eye.

① Fire Cake at El Che Bar

Ninety percent of the menu at this Argentine Chicago spot is cooked over live fire. And then there's this chocolate mousse cake with marshmallows and honey caramel, which is soaked in vanilla-infused Everclear and actually arrives on fire.

② Spumoni Baked Alaska at Faith & Flower

The retro dessert is making a big comeback, and this L.A. restaurant is adding fuel to the fire—specifically by way of the highly misunderstood (and flammable) spirit absinthe

③ Bananas Foster at Brennan's

It's mandatory to head to this timeless restaurant when visiting New Orleans—the place that invented this blazing dish—where you'll get a tableside show with your dessert.

④ Apple Tart at The Ivy Chelsea Garden

Head to London for the flowery-wall Instagram; stay for the flaming calvados that's poured over an individually sized apple pie topped with a mound of vanilla ice cream.

⑤ Fiery Chocolate Tart at Morimoto

Watch as this chocolate orb melts into a delightful puddle of salted caramel ganache, chocolate sorbet and marshmallow. This Orange Is the New Black star says it's worth every bite, so we're taking her word for it.