This New Service Ships Organic Baby Food To You

Ensure your baby is getting only the good stuff

Today more than ever, people want to know what's in their food. And for parents, the stakes get even higher when kids are involved.

Similar to most processed foods, baby food is typically filled with preservatives and staggering amounts of sugar. And since our little buggers can't advocate for themselves, it's our job to do it for them by providing the freshest food possible.

Enter: entrepreneurs Michelle Muller, Angela Vranich, Lisa Barnett and Ben Lewis, who recognized the need for a service that would provide families with real organic baby food without having to run all over town. Thus, the idea for their new New York subscription service, Little Spoon, was, ahem, born. 

The product features pediatrician-recommended Babyblends made up of only pronounceable, organic and non-GMO ingredients, served in a container with a spoon specifically design for a baby's small hands and mouth. So if you order the carrots, you better believe that's what you're going to get. Subscribers can even personalize their selection of items based on the age and dietary needs of each child.

With flavors like carrot, apple and ginger; and chia, mango and coconut milk, we won't tell if you steal a spoonful for yourself.

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