The 9 Most Nostalgic Childhood Snacks

Good luck finding these bad boys in stores today

If you were a kid (or an adult) during the 90s, we're about to blow your mind.

We're taking a trip down memory lane, looking back at some of the tastiest (our standards were different back then) snacks we totally forgot existed. We're talking about the candy we begged our moms to let us buy, the cereal sugar bombs we ate by the bowlfuls and the downright weird stuff we still can't explain loving to this day (looking at you, purple ketchup).

While a few of these snacks have returned in some capacity over the years, many of them are likely gone for good (still rooting for that comeback, Clearly Canadian). Let's have a collective moment of silence for the loss of Oreo O's . . .

① Heinz EZ Squirt Colored Ketchup

Honestly, what were we thinking with this one? Although we can't understand why anyone would want to squirt a purple or green paint-like substance onto their french fries, Heinz did sell 25 million bottles of this stuff in the first three years. We'll never understand the math on that one.

② Original 3D Doritos

Snackers are still mourning the loss of this beloved puffy chip. Although it can still be found outside of the U.S. and in new 3D forms, true connoisseurs know it will never be the same.

③ Baby Bottle Pops

The candy concept no one asked for, these baby bottle-shaped sucker candies might have made you look a little weird, but they tasted strangely delicious. Plus, we'll bet you anything you've got that jingle stuck in your head now.

④ Skippy Squeez' Its

These ingenious tubes made it not only possible but practically encouraged us to eat straight mouthfuls of creamy peanut butter. It was a simpler time then, and one we'll always miss.

⑤ Wonder Balls

If Wonder Balls still evoke vivid feelings of excitement and intense sugar highs within you, you're not alone. These things were gold mines back in the day, and we were crushed to see them discontinued in 1997. Some lucky fans, however, claim to have found them in Walmart last year.

⑥ Oreo O's

If you were ever looking to start your day with a bowlful of literal cookies, this cereal was for you. With the Oreo craze in full effect today, it's shocking that Post hasn't brought the cult favorite back. Still, it's available in other countries and possibly on Amazon.

⑦ French Toast Crunch

If there's one item on this list that NEVER should have been taken from us, it's French Toast Crunch. This sugary, crunchy, maple-laced goodness was what Saturday mornings were all about, and we're more than willing to pay upward of $11 to get a box on Amazon.

⑧ Fruit String Things

While this snack is a bit more obscure, it does have its own dedicated Facebook group called I remember "Fruit String Things" from the 90s." boasting a whopping 48 likes. Picture a long, thin strand of gummy fruit snack tacked onto something resembling wax paper and you'll have your answer. We don't miss this one much.

⑨ Rice Krispies Treats Cereal

Sweet, sweet memories. This was another cereal that should likely be classified as a dessert, but we don't care. Those deliciously crispy bunches got just soggy enough in our bowls of milk, and the sugar high afterward was spectacular. Luckily, this is one item you can still find at Walmart and on Amazon.