How To Eat Korean BBQ Video

Yes, there will be raw meat

Picture this: You sit down at a restaurant and without asking, unordered small plates start landing on your table. Then, you order the brisket—except you're the one doing the cooking. Finally, a basket of greens arrives long after any salad is known to hit the table. Welcome to the wonderful world of Korean barbecue.

Typically a celebratory meal, and one that means sharing lots of food with lots of people, Korean BBQ consists of funky, spicy, fermented banchan; different types of raw meat; a grill in the middle of the table; loads of sauces (some of which will set your mouth on fire); and various bowls of rice, lettuce and soups.

For the uninitiated, all these moving parts can be overwhelming, which is why we've asked Sohui Kim, owner of Insa in Brooklyn, to show us what it's all about. Watch the video to see her break down the meal's components and eating etiquette, because even if you've tried Korean BBQ, chances are you'll still learn something new.

So grab a pen, take some notes, and then gather up your hungriest crew and show them how this meaty and fiery Korean BBQ feast is done.