America's Best Taco Shops

Road trip, anybody?

It turns out every day can be Taco Tuesday if you know where to go. And here at Tasting Table, we'll gladly chow down on these tasty Mexican staples at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So, fellow taco fanatics, we packed our bags and traveled coast to coast seeking out the 11 absolute best taco shops in America. Here's what we discovered.

① Mariscos German Beyer (San Diego, California)

Swing by this taco truck for quality eats in the San Diego area. The fish tacos are some of the West Coast's best, and there are even cocktails spiked with Clamato tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, tequila, lime and jalapeños to wash it all down.

② Tehuitzingo Restaurant (New York, New York)

Located in the back of a tiny Midtown grocery store, this is a true hidden gem. Keep it traditional with chicken and beef options, or explore harder-to-find authentic Mexican fillings like beef tongue and goat.

③ Angels Food and Fun (Portland, Oregon)

The name alone will get you through the door, promising both food and fun in the form of delicious tacos and burritos. Each plate is made to order using only the freshest ingredients and served atop house-made tortillas.

④ Big Star (Chicago, Illinois)

Tacos are usually all about pork and chicken, but, here, the vegetarian tacos, packed with fillings like mole-spiced carrots, stewed mushrooms, poblano peppers and marinated summer greens, are just as good. This joint is always hoppin', but the wait is totally worth it (especially with a signature margarita firmly in hand). 

⑤ La Super-Rica Taqueria (Santa Barbara, California)

Handmade tortillas and loaded steak tacos are a couple highlights at this popular Santa Barbara spot. Also, Julia Child once named this one of her favorite local places in an interview with Good Morning America, so we can't argue with that.

⑥ Don Pedro Carnitas (Chicago, Illinois)

If you find yourself in the Windy City, head here for affordable tacos that never skimp on flavor. Order pork by the pound, and you'll receive an unlimited amount of corn tortillas with all the fixins you need, including salsas, onions and cilantro.

⑦ La Taqueria (San Francisco, California)

This Mission District favorite earned its well-deserved cult following by serving up killer eats like tender pork and steak tacos. For an even bigger bite, order your tacos "dorado-style"—served inside a crispy taco wrapped in a flour tortilla—and thank us later.

⑧ Painted Burro (Somerville, Massachusetts)

Located just outside Boston, this casual Mexican restaurant offers tacos stuffed with unusually decadent ingredients like short ribs, crispy calamari and beets. And if you're looking for a more laid-back Boston option, stop by Anna's Taqueria for legendary tacos and burritos.

⑨ Mas Tacos Por Favor (Nashville, Tennessee)

With menu choices like fried avocado, sweet potato, and cactus and chorizo, you simply can't go wrong here. Round out your meal with a side order of sweet plantains or elote (Mexican street corn).

⑩ Torchy's Tacos (Austin, Texas)

This famous spot is known for its unique flavor combinations like green chile pork and fresh ingredients like avocado salsa. The best part? Breakfast is served all day, so you can have Austin's favorite egg tacos no matter when the craving hits.

⑪ Salvation Taco (New York, New York)

Chef April Bloomfield's posh taqueria is located inside the Pod 39 Hotel. There are tons of menu options to choose from, but TT food editor Jake Cohen recommends the Korean BBQ tacos. And if you're visiting during the warmer months, be sure to checkout the full-service rooftop.