Fast-Food Workers Reveal Their Customer Pet Peeves

You've probably ordered these at some point

Aside from our doting and loving mothers, fast-food workers are quite possibly the most dependable group of people out there. They cater to our requests for extra sauce packets, handle lunch rushes with the efficiency of the country's best line cooks and are still around at 3 a.m., ready to satisfy our cravings for cheap (and often questionable) tacos. It's time we recognize them for all the antics we put them through on a daily basis.

In a recent AskReddit thread, fast-food employees were asked about their pet peeves and the menu items they hated making the most; let's just say the answers will have you reconsidering your order the next time you're at the drive-thru.

Your "Just Right" Bowl of Oatmeal at McDonald's:

Any Subway Sandwich Involving Cheddar:

A Chipotle Quesarito During Rush Hour:

$50 Worth of Chicken McNuggets:

The "Kid Special" at Chick-fil-A:

The Allegedly "Secret" Starbucks Order:


Basically Everything:

You might want to think twice before testing the limits of your barista with a Venti pumpkin spice crème frappuccino with two pumps of mocha, a scoop of java chips and a drizzle of cinnamon dolce syrup.