Butterbeer Ice Cream Is Now Available

All of our childhood dreams are coming true

If you're still patiently awaiting your letter from Hogwarts, listen up.

In lieu of traveling all the way to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios to get your butterbeer fix, you can now indulge in this iconic treat in the comfort of your own living room (or common room . . .) thanks to the newly released butterbeer flavor from Yuengling's Ice Cream.

The company has taken everything we love about this decadent drink and transformed it into a half-buttercream, half-butterscotch ice cream, finished with a twist of butterscotch swirl. The sweet result takes us back to our childhoods and makes us nostalgic for adventures with Harry, Ron and Hermione again.

"We are always looking for ways to inspire our fans and spark creativity. Whether it's our flavor names and descriptions or the recipes themselves—we're in the business of having fun," David Yuengling, president of Yuengling's Ice Cream, says in a release. "We hope we made J. K. Rowling proud with this flavor."

This new flavor is currently sold in pints with promise of quarts becoming available in the coming months. The magical treat is bound to make even Filch proud.