New Generation Of Mardi Gras King Cakes

They don't call it Fat Tuesday for nothing

Mardi Gras is associated with tons of traditions. There are musical performances, raucous parades, formal balls and strings upon strings of colorful beads, but one of Carnival's most beloved symbols is the almighty king cake. This sweet, fluffy pastry is made from brioche dough; decorated with purple, gold and green toppings; and baked with a tiny plastic or porcelain baby Jesus hidden inside. If your slice contains the iconic trinket, you've got a whole year's worth of good luck coming your way.

While many bakeries still make and sell Louisiana-style king cakes, others have come up with new, innovative spins on the classic, like doughnuts, monkey bread, bagels and macarons. Scroll through the stunning Instagram photos below and get started on your Fat Tuesday to-eat list.