Gwyneth Paltrow Opens A New Restaurant

3 Green Hearts is here to address your goopiest mushroom-laced superfood coffee needs

Cookbook author, goop founder and Oscar winner (yes, we were shocked, too) Gwyneth Paltrow is back with her most Gwyneth Paltrow move ever: the 3 Green Hearts restaurant.

Paltrow is expanding the organic café, which already has a small, newly opened location in Tribeca, with business partners Tracy Anderson, a personal trainer, and Maria Baum, the CEO of Anderson's company. The new location will open within the Tracy Anderson Studio on Manhattan's East 59th Street with a full kitchen and offer healthy meals like smoothies, salads and raw noodles to the public, Eater reports.

If 3 Green Hearts' current Tribeca spot is any indication, the new location will undoubtedly be pricey, over the top and incredibly goopy. The current café opened with a limited menu, with the only real food being bananas, apples, nuts and protein bars, plus an abundance of strange and expensive "superfood coffee" drinks, like a mushroom blend that costs $9.75, according to this photo Eater shared.

The restaurant is also rumored to house a dedicated selfie room "for members and visitors to capture their pre/post-workout photos," Eater says. (If you're now thinking you'd rather drink a full gallon of mushroom superfood blend coffee than share a selfie of yourself after a workout, you're not alone.)

Luckily, if you're looking to get your fix of kale salads and "healthy frosting shots" while watching Shallow Hal in the comfort of your own home, Paltrow and partners are planning to begin a delivery service in NYC in a few months.