Cadbury's Making Cookies 'N' Cream Eggs

Easter's going to be sweet

News of an Oreo-and-Cadbury Easter egg hybrid lit up the Internet in January. These little milk chocolate eggs come with a spoon for those who desire to devour the Oreo cookies and cream inside separately. But with the news came disappointment: The eggs are available only in the UK.

Cadbury sadly doesn't appear to be bringing the eggs to the U.S. (though, they can be ordered from Amazon and shipped here), but it's offering up a solid concession prize: Chocolate Crunch & Creme Mini Cadbury Eggs, PopSugar reports. The Mini Eggs, which are a Target exclusive, look like the Oreo Cadbury Eggs, only with crispy sugar shells and a slightly different cookie in the filling—oh, and no spoon; it's BYO mini scoop.

Meanwhile, the Canadian Oreo Eggs, which are larger and have chunks of Oreos in their cores, are headed to the U.S. this Easter season. Some have already arrived, so keep your eyes open.