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Sriracha Just Released Seasoning Stix

Anyone who had the privilege of snacking in the 90s knows anything with "Stix" in the title (Pixy Stix, Potato Stix, etc.) promises pure joy.

Joining the club: Seasoning Stix, an exciting new product from Huy Hong Foods—the creators of the original cult-favorite Sriracha. You insert the solid-at-room-temperature stick into a piece of protein and watch as it melts during cooking to release an estuary of Sriracha into the meat. It's essentially just a dry rub, but then again, no one calls Sriracha just a hot sauce.

The company announced the launch of this encapsulated flavor bomb today, which is meant to season "from the inside out," and so far, more than 60,000 people have signed up for the promotional free offer. That shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, considering the frenzy caused by last summer's release of Sriracha2Go packets.

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Options include classic Sriracha, Sriracha butter garlic, Sriracha teriyaki and one to-be-named mystery blend. This hypothetically takes out the need for dousing your grilled chicken with hot sauce after cooking . . . but we won't say anything if you do.