How To Winterize Summer Cocktails

Let's all drink those cold-weather blues away

There might be snow on the ground, but we're still refusing to give up our beloved summer drinks. And with a few easy tweaks and simple substitutions, you'll be fantasizing about the beach over your favorite warm-weather classics in no time.

From margaritas to mojitos, here are some tips for giving your top sunny sippers a much-needed seasonal spin, plus recipes to help kick your midwinter mixology skills into gear.

Opt for seasonal fruit

Incorporate fresh fruit into your margaritas and frozen daiquiris by swapping watermelon or lime juice for blood orange or grapefruit juice. If you prefer berry cocktails, skip the strawberries and go with a more savory option like beets. Lastly, garnish your drink with a handful of pomegranate seeds or a splash of the fruit's tart juice, both of which are super high in antioxidants and strong enough in flavor to stand up against any liquor.

Infuse syrups with winter spices

Utilizing seasonal herbs and spices are an easy way to winterize any warm-weather classic. Replace that boring simple syrup with cardamom- and clove-flavored tinctures to cozy up any beverage like a daiquiri or bourbon cocktail.

Here are nine winterized summer cocktails to try.

① Beet-Infused Vodka Cocktail

② Stygian Mojito

③ Pink Grapefruit Margarita

④ The Sloshy Dog

⑤ White Nectarine Prosecco Sangria

⑥ Blood Orange Margarita

⑦ Spiced Winter Mojito

⑧ Winter Fruit Sangria

⑨ Piña Colada Milk Punch