Best Foods To Buy For A Snowstorm

Not everything you eat during a blizzard has to come from a can

While the East Coast might have California beat on crackly-crusted pizzas, one thing our friends to the west can always hang over our heads is their balmy weather and seemingly eternal sunshine.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are bracing for a couple more months of frosty snow, stocking our pantries with items to get us through the next blizzard. While some of you might have the urge to follow your mother's advice and load up on bags of bread and gallons of milk, there are better items than those very perishable goods to buy. (And, no, one cannot live off of cookie dough and powdered hot chocolate alone, as appealing as that sounds.) If you're going to be trapped in a winter apocalypse, be sure to have these nine essential pantry items on hand to get you through Jack Frost's uninvited and very much overstayed welcome.

① Citrus Fruit

Refreshing oranges and grapefruit are actually at the peak of their ripeness during winter. Their robust peels and high acidity make them one of the few fruits that can last a week or two without refrigeration.

② Dried Fruit and Trail Mixes

The extended shelf life of these items makes them the perfect snowstorm snacks to munch on over a game of Monopoly. Just don't be the twisted villain who picks out all the M&M's, leaving the rest of us with just the raisins.

③ Granola and Power Bars

These hefty snacks provide the carbs and fiber that keep us energized in the dregs of February. And as an added bonus, they'll keep you occupied brushing pesky crumbs off your kitchen counter.

④ Canned Foods

Most canned foods, like soups, beans and vegetables, are happy to sit in the back of the pantry for up to two years, making them stockpile staples. Meats, like canned tuna and chicken, are also refreshing sources of protein when you've grown tired of peanut butter sandwiches.

⑤ Squash and Root Vegetables

Keep potatoes, squash and carrots in a cool, dark place, and they'll stay fresh for up to two weeks, ready to purée into nourishing and hearty soups.

⑥ Water

If it seems like you live in a White Walker scene straight out of Game of Thrones, frozen water pipes are a real possibility. Those of us living in Winterfell-esque climates should stock up on at least a gallon of water per person, per day.

⑦ Peanut Butter

Along with other nut butters, the life partner to celery sticks is an excellent source of healthy fats and energy. And, of course, since most brands don't need to be refrigerated, it's always a good idea to stockpile a few jars throughout the year.

⑧ Propane Burner

OK, this isn't necessarily an edible item, but having a way to actually cook food, heat items and light the occasional match when the power goes out makes this jack-of-all-trades an indispensable part of your pantry.

⑨ Booze

Hear us out: A bottle of your favorite spirit will last forever, stay magically thawed even when hell hath frozen over and keep you occupied in the gloomiest of times. But before the idea of half-naked snow angels gets implanted in your head, fair warning: Contrary to popular belief, drinking liquor does not actually keep you warm.