SNL's Funniest Food Skits

From Julia Child to Guy Fieri and everyone in between

For more than 40 years, Saturday Night Live's memorable skits have provided us with much-needed laughter. And though it's hard to top Melissa McCarthy's recent take on Sean Spicer's gum addiction, it's the late-night show's parodies of our favorite food figures that always have us chuckling on our way to bed. Here are the eight times SNL's cast nailed how we really felt about some of the more famous food shows and personalities of our time.

① Julia Child (1978)

Julia Child enjoyed Dan Aykroyd's parody of herself so much that she would play the tape at her own dinner parties. The skit, involving a chicken butchery demo gone wrong, had us in stitches of a different kind, and made "Save the liver!" an indelible part of our pop -culture vocabulary.

② The Olympia Restaurant (1978)

The antics at this fictional greasy spoon had all of us wishing we had a Greek corner diner with John Belushi working the cash register. Of course, we'd make sure to be in the mood for a "cheeburger," "cheeps" and a Pepsi. No Coke! 

③ Martha Stewart (1997)

The subtle upper-class New England accent, denim button-up and aura of judgment peppered throughout this segment on how to properly vandalize a house on Halloween captured everything we both love and hate about Martha: that no matter how hard we try (even if it's egging a house), we'd never be able to do anything as good as she could.

④ Jamie Lee Curtis (2008)

We've all imagined what would happen if an Activia commercial went wrong, and, thankfully, Kristen Wiig put all our wonders to rest in this spoof of Jamie Lee Curtis.

⑤ Paula Deen (2010)

We're not sure which parts of Wiig's impression of the Southern cook impressed us the most: her stunningly accurate pronunciation of "booter and awl" or her audacity to eat handfuls of butter straight from the crock. 

⑥ Top Chef (2013)

The canine-themed riff on our favorite cooking competition had us earmarking witty names for our next dog, like Tom Collie-cio, Mario Barktali and Padma Leash-me, whose actor provided a spectacularly emotionless voice-over on par with the Top Chef host. 

⑦ Guy Fieri (2013)    

Whether it was going "full throttle" on an alcohol-infused Thanksgiving or hosting a holiday get- together with Kid Rock and Criss Angel, it's hard to choose just one of SNL's glorious Guy Fieri skits. Bobby Moynihan's every detail, from the bleached spikes to the sunglasses perched infuriatingly on the back of his neck (along with the liberal use of "I could eat this off a flip- flop"), captured all our inner thoughts about the Triple D host.  

⑧ "Supermarket Spree" (2016)

Kids of the mid-90s remember the joy that was watching contestants lob a dozen frozen turkeys into their shopping cart in the grocery store rat race, Supermarket Sweep. Melissa McCarthy plays the over-ambitious competitor we all could relate to in a loving tribute to the most ridiculous game show of our generation.