Super Bowl Snacks By The Numbers

1.33 billion chicken wings and counting

While we keep our tailgate game strong all season long, Super Bowl parties truly take the trophy for great snacks. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it's the second-largest day for American food consumption, which means many football fans take their game-day menu very, very seriously.

We've outlined some of the big day's most staggering food, drink and decor stats to wow the cheers right out of you. Don't forget to break out those team-branded sweatpants this Sunday—you're definitely going to need them.

1.33 Billion Chicken Wings

According to the National Chicken Council (NCC), Americans are expected to eat 1.33 billion wings this Sunday. Hop on the bandwagon with this winning hot Buffalo wing recipe.

104.8 Million Pounds of Avocado

Based on its data, the California Avocado Commission predicts 104.8 million pounds of avocados will be mashed into game-day guac this year. That's a lot of chips and dip, and we don't hate it.

$227 Million on Potato Chips

According to Nielsen, Americans spent a whopping $227 million on potato chips during last year's Super Bowl, as well as $42 million on salsas, quesos and other tasty dips. Tortilla chips were a close second, with Americans shelling out $225 million.

$1.2 Billion for Beer

Nielsen reports $1.2 billion was spent on beer, flavored malt beverages and cider last year, which isn't exactly a huge surprise given beer's game-day prominence. Coming in second was wine with $594 million then spirits with $503 million.

$12.5 Million Pizzas

Coupon site RetailMeNot predicts Americans will buy $12.5 million cheesy pies.

$58 Million on Deli Sandwiches

Turns out pizza and chips aren't the only fan favorites; $58 million went toward deli sandwiches last year, according to Nielsen. Say yes to salami.

$14.7 Billion Total on Food, Decor and Team Apparel

The National Retail Federation estimates football fans will likely drop nearly $15 million on food, decor and team apparel overall. It looks like money is no issue when it comes to root-root-rooting for the home team.

Doritos Is America's Top Super Bowl Chip

According to, Doritos is still America's top Super Bowl chip, with nacho cheese flavored being a fan favorite.