Ben & Jerry's New Pint Slices

You won't even need a spoon

Forget about crepes and foldable pizza slices for a second: There's a new street food on the scene.

A week after announcing three new flavors, Ben & Jerry's is back with a new dessert: Pint Slices are frozen treats that combine the best thing about ice cream sandwiches (aka transportable ice cream) with the Ben & Jerry's flavors you know and love  (Americone Dream, chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate fudge brownie and a vanilla-based version of peanut butter cup).

Each Pint Slice consists of a thick wedge of ice cream enrobed in a dark chocolate coating. And since each slice is individually wrapped, you can grab one as you head out to meet a friend, go to work or hit the gym: You do you.

The novelty treats are already hitting stores, so throw your spoons to the wind. Plus, it's built-in portion control for those who might be inclined to eat a whole pint in one go (guilty).