Weird Oreo Products That Actually Exist

Yes, these actually exist

The biggest Oreo-related dilemma used to be deciding whether to twist the two layers apart before popping them into your mouth or (savagely) biting into it whole. Now, there are more flavor variations than cliffhangers in Lost (ahem, Swedish Fish Oreo), and McDonald's Hong Kong has even devoted an entire menu to the classic sandwich cookie.

Here are just five of the spin-offs overcomplicating what was once simply known as "milk's favorite cookie."

① Oreo Beer

To us, "hundreds of pounds of Oreo cookies" sounds like the ideal Friday night, not like a beer. But The Veil Brewing Co. in Richmond, Virginia, recently released a chocolate milk stout that transforms the classic childhood snack into an adult vice—which, naturally, sold out immediately.

② Oreo Cereal

Now available only in South Korea, Oreo O's survived stateside for 10 years. The nutritional difference between a bowl of these and a couple full-sized cookies is negligible, though, so you might as well save this crunchy breakfast food for dessert.

③ Oreo Churros

Made from chocolate cake and served with crème-like dip, this calorie-rich carnival food has been around for several years, and a similar frozen version hit grocery stores in November 2015. It's still unclear which version is more unnecessary.

④ Bacon-Wrapped Oreos

Let these be proof that not all things taste better wrapped in bacon. We realize the bacon craze is here to stay, but can we all just agree to leave Oreos out of it?

⑤ Oreo Cadbury Creme Eggs

OK, we'll admit that these are probably excellent. But they still beg the question: Is nothing sacred anymore?