America's Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Sweet dreams are made of cheese

Hot, gooey grilled cheese sandwiches have been a school lunch go-to for generations. And despite our grown-up Whole30 resolutions and brief forays into Paleo, the thought of a little too much cheese melted between thick slices of bread is always worth a few moments of calorie-induced guilt.

So whip up a batch of tomato soup (or open a can of Campbell's—either way) and reminisce as we take you on a nationwide tour of where you can get America's greatest—and gooiest—grilled cheese sandwiches.

① Beecher's Handmade Cheese (Seattle)

A Pike Place staple, Beecher's Handmade Cheese shop offers many grilled cheese options, but its flagship, a sharp melty blend of cheddar and jack, is the version that makes our hearts beat just a little bit faster (both from excitement and cholesterol).

② The Grilled Cheese Grill (Portland, OR)

This Portland hot spot boasts a hefty array of sandwich add-ons, from chopped pickles to sunny fried eggs. If you can dream it, they can grill it. 

③ DTLA Cheese (Los Angeles)

You can trust that a dedicated cheese shop knows how to make a grilled cheese, and this stall in Grand Central Market serving up three types of cheese between buttery brioche is no exception.  

④ Cheesie's Pub and Grub (Chicago)

Need a double hit of both carbohydrates and childhood nostalgia? Look no further. This greasy spoon ladles creamy mac and cheese between two slabs of Texas toast. 

⑤ Lee's Grilled Cheese (Fort Worth)

Lee Perez, of Lee's Grilled Cheese, converted an old school bus into a roaming "cheese wagon," where customers can munch on stretchy Swiss and Havarti sandwiches while acting out their sixth-grade memories.

⑥ Roxy's (Boston)

While options like the Green Muenster, an oozing mess of cheese, bacon and guacamole, are pretty tempting, it's this food truck's classic mix of Vermont cheddar, Muenster and fontina that has us booking a trip to Beantown

⑦ Caseus Bistro (New Haven)

This fromagerie and bistro's towering behemoth might require the use of a knife and fork, but the thrill of eating kid food in such a sophisticated setting is well worth the hassle.

⑧ Stoney's (Washington, D.C.)

This local haunt's happy hour includes discounted specials on beer, wine and wait for it . . . its famous grilled cheese sandwiches. 

⑨ Murray's Cheese Bar (New York)

A New York City institution, Murray's offers a daily selection of what it lovingly deems Murray's Melts, all made with a secret blend of cheeses.

⑩ The Queens Kickshaw (New York)

This craft beer-focused Queens café takes a more eclectic approach to its grilled cheese, like American beer cheese and poached apples on walnut-zucchini bread. 

⑪ Mom's Grilled Cheese (Your Mom's House)

Because nothing's better than lunch made with love. Now go pay your motha' a damn visit already.