America Wins The Bocuse d'Or 2017

This gives new meaning to the term "gold-plated"

The Bocuse d'Or in Lyon, France, is basically the Olympics of the food world, and, for the very first time, USA just won it all.

This prestigious competition happens every two years, and each participating country is responsible for presenting a composed tray inspired by a certain theme. This year, the theme was a riff on the classic Lyon dish, chicken and crayfish. Team USA's plate included chicken liver prepared multiple ways, as well as lobster tail with Meyer lemon mousse, garnished with slow-poached carrots, Rose Finn potatoes and sugar snap pea crisps.

Each competing team is also expected to make a dish specific to a particular challenge. For its 30th anniversary, the Bocuse d'Or decided to add a modern twist by requiring the plate to be vegan.

Team USA highlighted California asparagus, presenting it wrapped in cremini mushrooms and finished with toasted almond custard, Meyer lemon confit and pea tendrils. 

Team USA was headed up by chef Mathew Peters, the executive sous chef at Per Se. Philip Tessier—who served as the executive sous-chef at the French Laundry for nearly three years—coached the team, Harrison Turone acted as the commis and Thomas Keller was among the panel of judges.

In 2015, the American team got a taste of the podium life when it took home silver, but there's nothing like a gold rush.