McDonald's To Release Big Mac Sauce

They'll go fast

For fast-food junkies, some items are like the holy grail. Up there is a bottle of Big Mac sauce, McDonald's key to getting those Big Macs to taste just right. Though the company hasn't exactly kept the recipe a secret, it rarely bottles the sauce for public purchase.

A year ago, McDonald's sold 4,000 bottles at Australian outposts in 15 minutes. And in 2014, the company auctioned off bottles starting at $18,000 to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. This Friday, 10,000 limited-edition bottles will go on sale in the U.S., Foodbeast reports. Precisely where those bottles will be available is being kept secret until tomorrow.

For those who would rather not take a sick day to wait in line, you can watch a McDonald's executive chef show you how to make the sauce at home.